Monday, April 23, 2018

Free printable alpaca wall art - Alpakaposter

Some of you will recognize the alpaca illustration I took for this free printable nursery wall art. I made the cute doodle for my round-up of free llama themed printables. 
The thing is. I'm not very good in recognizing the difference between llama and alpaca. So it took me a while to realize that I've drawn a alpaca baby instead of a llama. Or what do you think? It's really difficult to say what animal it's more like. Anyway they both really sweet. And what is more: They are both trend motifs in design at the moment. You can see them everywhere. Some people say that llamas are the new unicorns

I thought you might like my alpacas / llamas as a wall decoration. It would be especially darling in a nursery. But also if you make a llama themed party or if you just love this animal. 

Click here for the pdf-file. So you can print it in a good quality.

Looking for more free alpaca and llama themed printables and downloads? – Just click:

Oh, and did you see the lovely headband I made for these adorable creatures? A golden star wreath I'm also sharing as a border / divider with transparent background. Just click on it and download it if you like.

Hallo liebe Besucher von MeinLilaPark! Aus dem Alpaka-Bild, dass ich für meine Liste tolle Lama-Links gezeichnet habe, ist jetzt noch ein kleines kostenlos ausdruckbares Poster entstanden, das sich süß in Kinderzimmern machen würde. 

Ich kann die beiden Tiere nicht leicht voneinander unterscheiden, denke aber inzwischen, dass meine Zeichnung eher einem Alpakababy entspricht. Wenn ihr diese Tiere mögt und noch eine Süße Wanddekoration sucht, klickt einfach hier für die pdf-Datei.  Viel Spaß!


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Free printable llama art - Lama zum Ausdrucken - round-up

This round-up of free llama and alpaca themed printables has the most amazing free downloads I found today. It was quite a work to collect them all but now I'm really happy with the result. I never really see the difference between the two animals. Let's just say they are both super cute what with their smiling faces and their fluffiness.

If you go an have a look at all the links you will make an exciting journey to a selection of works – all of them offered from very generous artists. 

1. Free printable llama tread cards – the sweetest DIY bobbins for any kind of yarn scraps. (You even could use the cute templates as bookmarks). From picot pals.

2. Llama paper toy with sweets embellishment and 3d paper cactus templates - free download from faltmanufactur.

3. Free printable llama and cactus planner stickers - watercolor design with a beautiful color combo (green, aqua, turquoise and blue shades) from planneronelove.

4. Another gorgeous llama sticker sheet for your planner (you have to give your emailaddress though) from llama love.

5. Free seamless llama pattern digital background + clip art from freeprettythingsforyou.

6. Free llama faces with glasses with transparent background (png, svg, eps) from caluyadesign.

7.  Free printable llama heads with floral wreath planner inserts (for DIY paper clips and stickers) from mom envy.

8. Free funny no-drama-llama i-phone and desktop wallpaper downloads from thewonderforest.

9. Free watercolor llama design elements (you have to register for the freebie) from design bundles.

10. Free printable simple llama outline template from pattern universe.

11. Free printable llama tube craft from alexbrands.


Hallo liebe Besucher von Meinlilapark! Oben hab ich tolle Links zusammengestellt, die zu kostenlosen Lama Downloads führen. Viel Spaß!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Free digital floral scrapbooking paper : pink and yellow paradise - Geschenkpapier - freebie

Today I created this free digital floral scrapbooking paper covered with pink flowers and yellow confetti for you. The blossoms are minimalistic and abstract and playfully featuring different shades of pink and red. 

So you can use the digital pattern for digital scrapbooking and card making. Or download and print the DIN A4 sized version (matching US letter size) out and use it for DIY decorations and gift wrapping.

Click here for the pdf file of the pink and yellow paradise paper. 

If you need the seamless tile for this abstract flower pattern just click above and download it. 

What's more: This blog even offers matching flower clip art with transparent background for scrapbooking embellishment, blog and social media design and other digital projects. There also are yellow flower png files. 

As always you're lucky: you can download the digital floral scrap for free. If you are not new on meinlilapark you already know that it's haven for scrapbookers and creative people. All the clipart, backgrounds and borders to go in an instant. You only need to know how to download digital pictures.

Looking for more free spring printables? - I've collected awesome some springtime goodies:

Ein kostenlos ausdruckbares Geschenkpapier voller Blumen und Konfetti habe ich hier heute für euch bereitgestellt. Zur Farbe der Blumen habe ich mich durch Himbeerbonbons und rosa Zuckerwatte inspirieren lassen. Das Konfetti ist in leuchtendem Gelb gehalten, um die Sonnenstrahlen aufzufangen, von denen einen Blumenwiese lebt. 

Wie immer könnt ihr das blumenpapier als Kostenloses Printable haben. Einfach die pdf-Datei auf euren eigenen Computer herunterladen und ausdrucken. Danach lässt es sich für wunderbare Dekorationsprojekte verwenden, für DIY Geschenkpapier für kleine Mitbringsel, für Papiergirlanden, als Planner-Divider (= das sind die Schmuckblätter, die einzelne Abteilungen in eurer Agenda voneinander trennen) oder einfach als Wandverzierung. 
Wenn man etwas Geschick und Geduld an den Tag legt, kann man auch einzelne Blumen ausschnei-den und als Sticker verwenden.